'Ahead Of My Time' Poem by Bernard Snyder

'Ahead Of My Time'

Rating: 4.1

Many, many years from now, when you and I are nothing more than two old angels soaring amongst the clouds, somewhere in America there will be a teacher or professor rewarding passing grades to any of his students who could identify for whom most of my poetry was written. Some will misspell your name, others would try researching your middle name only to discover it was never used. Meanwhile, you and I will be sharing a glass of wine on Pluto or Neptune, and laughing about those times people rode around in cars instead of spaceships, and how at one point folks were using cell phones to communicate with one another, not knowing their neighbors on Mars could hear everything they were saying. But more importantly, I will remember the very first time I saw you. How striking! We spoke on occasions. I remember telling you I thought you were the most beautiful woman on the planet, and that I would see you the exact same way if I saw you in another lifetime. You chuckled in disbelief and thought I was out of my mind. At that moment, I decided I would pray every day and night so that when you and I meet again years later, you would realize I wasn't out of my mind, just far ahead of my time. And I'm certain I would still see you on that day as I did way back then.

Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2015

Years of life! With dreams and hope. Nice work.

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 07 January 2015

Beautiful narration and imaginations in the poem. likes.

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