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beautiful girl, beautiful girl
you are so powerful
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
i should have drawn a line

..so here i am amidst the mountains..
..just the mountains and me..
..for its grandeur like a potent wine..
..flows through every rock, every pebble..

O breathe a word
or two of fire
smile as if those words
should burn me

in your light I learnt how to love
in your beauty how to make poems
you danced inside my chest
where no one saw you

for every moan that escaped you during my birth
every bit of my flesh i owe to you 'O Mother'
in great pain did you bear me for my existence
all my pain belittles in front of you ' O Mother '

..O wicked creature of gossamer wing...
..sashaying by that night i heard you sing....
..you tiny monster how cunningly did you fly..
..that night i saw the murderous, bloodthirsty look in your eye..

he was born poor..
his whole life..
he lived..plagued by po(v) erty..
his rich neighbor had a dog..

feeling so tired what should I do
feeling so dull what should I do
O God! ! ! what punishment I deserved from thee
this exam is killing me

i did not understand symbols
you taught me symbols
you gave me symbols
we spoke in silence

..i was caught unaware...
..was too timid but for her did i gulp the fear..
..when she spoke i quivered...
...my body went numb as i shivered..

come fairies take me out of this dull world
to a place dats barren and cold
to a society where none intrudes
where i can find peace n my search concludes

so its a new morning
I can hear the birds chirping, still having hangover from yesterdays
party, now every break up seems like a party, they say love is life, but for me love has always been chimeric, for me friends have been life
and friendship, a madness, I have always loved their company, we all know of the story of the moth and the flame

the last
hundred rupees
has been withdrawn

..do ' you ' see the moon up there...
..why do ' you ' see only a half of it...
..when it is so round and beautiful..
..the same way...my dear....there are many other things..

...while i puff..
..that makes me cough...
...when the smoke from my cigarette billows..
...the space between death and me shallows..

an ' urge ' burns in my heart
a wish for me to see
the grand mountains stretching to the sky
and the beauty of being free


..sometimes words do fly in the sky..
..but when words do fly in the sky..
..there are no keyboards to type..


dwelling in an alien land
nurtured by the very divine hand
she's been there since ages
when she thinks of home she gets mirages

Your love gives me wings
And I gallop towards you
Piercing the clouds of distance
Battling the vultures of society

Rigzin Namgyal Biography

Rigzin Namgyal is a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India.He is the author of Rigzin's Blog, a collection of poems.His poem ' the wild flower ' has been selected for publication by the Poets Corner group.)

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Beautiful Girl

beautiful girl, beautiful girl
you are so powerful
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
i should have drawn a line
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
how i bring myself out of your spell
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
now that you are so beautiful
and i am ruined

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Neela Nath Das 24 February 2013

Rigzin's poems are bearing the flavor of everyday life, of our trials and tribulations.Literature mirrors the society in broader sense. A successful poet indeed from this point of view. Keep writing. The world of literature needs you. Best wishes

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Payal Parande 22 February 2013

one word for him would be different...he have a way with his poetry he can show his positive attitude toward life which is fresh and i am pretty sure readers will enjoy his work...i do, keep up the good work sir

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Shahzia Batool 06 February 2013

Rigzin Namgyal - the poet of many light poems esp, felt tired, and a moving poem An Ode To my Mother...tries his hand in originality, though the effect of texting (sms) is shown in the lines, but the natural flow of ideas covers it as well..your writing is good! ! ! keep writing! ! !

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Rigzin Namgyal Quotes

Sometimes words do fly in the sky but when words do fly in the sky, there are no keyboards to type.

a beautiful morning, a beautiful girl blowing her nose to glory.

so its a new morning, life is not rosy, life is not moon, stars and daffodils, it is not a river dale story, life is brutally dark, life is ugly, life is Bukowskian and now i am loving this darkness

its so quiet here with no one to speak to just the mountains and me for between us we have forgotten the world and i no longer feel like a human but a hermit living alone in this abode, dazzled by nature's ethereal scheme and the fury of its beauty that slaughters

i did not understand symbols, you taught me symbols, you gave me symbols, we spoke in silence, we spoke in symbols now silence and symbols have lost the way, i have forgotten to understand symbols you spoke symbolically, till the moment you broke the silence

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Rigzin Namgyal Popularity

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