olivia gendron

All Because Of You - Poem by olivia gendron

My head lays on my pillow;
the room is dark and damp.
(- if I could only see your face,
though I know that I can't)

I try to close my eyes and sleep,
but your face haunts my dreams.
(I feel like I've been torn apart...
I'm broken at the seams.)

I toss and turn; I'm restless.
I know I will not sleep;
(I know that I still think of you.
Do you still think of me?)

My eyes now face the darkness;
the demon's haunting our lives.
(It seems we had it all and more;
Why did you leave me? Why?)

It seems the clock ticks slowly,
and yet our love went by so fast.
(Just where did I go wrong in this,
to make this love not last?)

I sit up smooth, but slowly;
I grip my sheets in my bare hands.
(Why did you have to leave me here?
I just don't understand...)

It seems the night is quiet
as I stand by my dark window.
(You left with not a word to say;
why did you have to go?)

The crickets dance like autumn.
The night is lit like June.
(I'm waiting for you to return;
are you returning soon?)

Laying on my bed once more,
I stare blankly ahead.
(Was this all you or was it me?
Is our love truly dead?)

I feel like such an empty pleasure,
like I could scream aloud this night.
(Was I just living in a dream?
Was nothing really right?)

I watch the seconds pass me by;
The silence fills my heart.
(You know that I am fragile;
do you know I'm torn apart?)

A tear slides down my ghostly face
and falls onto my sheets.
(Were you just playing with my head?
Did you truly love me?)

I close my eyes so gently
as if I am afraid I'll break.
(How did we lose the love we had?
Was all the love a fake?)

The questions lull me into sleep,
a sleep filled with your face.
(I thought that I had melted your heart
which no one could replace?)


I wake up to a quiet morning
the world is still the same
(you were the best that I had
and now I'm stuck with pain...)

my routine passes quickly by
not consciously awake
(it seems you are the only one
is all this a mistake?)

I feel like going back to bed
but your laugh lingers there
(you said that you would never leave
you said you'd always care)

my breakfast has no taste at all
the news is nothing new
(do you know that I'm hurting now
- it's all because of you...)

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 1, 2012

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