The Last Drop Poem by AISWARYA T ANISH

The Last Drop

Rating: 4.3

Oh! Where’s it for our crops?
We need the river water drops.
Where’s it for our thirst to clear?
Where are the tears, are they near?

Oh no! It doesn’t fit,
Our little river has become a pit.
Oh! We would lose our corn
Then what would we do just mourn?

Why did she dry?
To make us cry?
She ended hence,
But it doesn’t make sense.

Why did she turn to marsh?
She’s treating us harsh,
She’s playing with our lives,
She’s hurting us sharp as knives.

She made us happy by giving us health.
But by breaking our hearts she suddenly melt
Oh! Feeling is too severe
But is this threatening fair of her?

But what should we do, to accept all these?
No but us, we can’t, come back the drops, please.
How dreadful where’s our hope?
Now we are buried in hell from bottom to top.


© Copyright Aiswarya T Anish, Kerala, India

premji premji 07 November 2008

when everyone wants to make concrete jungles, how will any river is alive for ever?

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Subbaraman N V 13 November 2008

Really lovely! Go strong with creations more and more!

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Ben Gieske 26 November 2008

I like the short question and other sentences. Your exclamations of “oh” and “Oh no” spice up the reading. “this threatening fair of her? ” is an interesting way to aks this question. You also do a good job making your endings rhyme. I can’t tell who the “she” you are referring to is. Is it the earth, the rain, water, river, the drop?

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Micheal Udenyi 07 December 2008

I'M ........................................... COMPLETELY SHORT OF WORDS ===========POSITIVELY======

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Ronald Summerville 03 January 2009

Oh how Cool you are And cool you write A+

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Pandian Angelina 11 July 2009

Industrial pollutants, Shifts in Seasons, No rainfall to sustain, reasons may be many but, do we realise the mistakes we have done to suffer thus at natures hands. Thought provoking poem. Angel

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lisa moore 30 June 2009

thats really good ur so good for such a young person ur better than a few of the oldies i have seen on this site

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premji premji 27 June 2009

aishu, you are a born poet... i wish the same poem got published in some malayalam mag. please read my poem 'song for a dead river' 10

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Vinod Ak 21 April 2009

Profound thoughts from a young mind! Fabulous!

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Vinod Ak 21 April 2009

Profound thoughts from a young mind! Fabulous!

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