Alone But Not Lonely Poem by Lyn Paul

Alone But Not Lonely

Rating: 4.8

Alone but not lonely
Broke yet not poor
Down, yet not out
Smiling, but not laughing

Blessed yet not enriched
Hurting though not pained
Hearing but not heard
Risen yet not rising
Old but not elderly

Living..... Though, Not alive
Sweet and never sweetened
Angered though not angry
Fearing..... but not afraid

Awake and often woken
Beautiful, Inside and out
Anxious to lose these anxieties
To find again real life

Too honest
Hungry for success

Alone but not lonely

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1st March 2015
Lyn Paul

Alone But Not Lonely
Sunday, March 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,anger,believe,honesty,loneliness,pain
Perry Biggerstaff 09 June 2015

Yes! ! ! The inward battle. Feeling...but not giving in to negativity. Accepting pain and loss...not allowing it to become your master, but rather mastering the emotion.

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Abderrahmane Dakir 05 January 2016

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome poem,

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Nigel Norton 30 November 2015

Really made me think of myself within, and I'm not a thinker....

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Bakuli Bhakali 06 November 2015

'alone but not lonely'.................a nice poem! !

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M Asim Nehal 13 January 2019

Awesome poem, you have used two extremes to the perfection, I liked it.10/10

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Damilare Tella 19 November 2023


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Tom Allport 23 July 2022

A wonderful write containing an uplifting message. Well penned.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 20 December 2021

This poem gets you the recognition that you deserve dear poetess...a great poem!

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Unnikrishnan E S 03 December 2021

One feels the positive energy of the poem gets rubbed on one's soul. Life is worth living.

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Unnikrishnan E S 03 December 2021

A very profound write. Exudes positivity. Power of Endurance. A fitting ode to life. Loved reading.

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Lyn Paul

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