All But An Illusion Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

All But An Illusion

Memories float away down the river of time
Into a narrow abyss of oblivion,
I am a traveller who floats down the stream of life
In search of the brink of the horizon,
My feelings are tender like a fragile rose, in blank verse,
My heart is a leaf blade & emotions are dewdrops
Which break into fragments while the blade withers
To detach and remain buried beneath the dust of time,
A new leaf will sprout on creation’s stem
Drops are reborn as fractions of dew
On alien blades of leaf & grass,
I am a poet charged, with the emotion of a dead bard
I do not own life, wealth or this poem you read
My life belongs to death and wealth to this world
While god owns the world, a shadow of heaven,
Life in it is but an illusion.

Cristina Teodor 04 May 2011

A poem about the ineffability of life, all comes and goes as an illusion. I felt a lot of sensitivity in your verses and a noble fine wisdom..Cristina Teodor

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Champs Ulysses Cabinatan 08 March 2011

:) nice one.. 'I am a traveller who floats down the stream of life'

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