I Killed That Lovely Angel Poem by Misty Heart

I Killed That Lovely Angel

Rating: 5.0

I saw a lovely angel glows
with beauty and with love.
She had those dark and showy eyes;
reminds me of a dove.

Her face had spoken innocence;
her hands were soft and bare.
She turned the fire into ice...
no one can ever dare.

She had the smiles of happy child;
and songs of heaven tunes.
She had the mild and tender sways...
that take you to the moons.

But then I'll tell without a lie...
that bounds that graceful angel.
She knew not one thing of the pain;
this world has lived to tell.

She knew not one thing of the love;
and how it makes on fool.
She knew not one thing of a sin;
how others think it's cool.

She lives in world of innocence;
with not an utter care.
She lives in nothing with a sense;
I thought it's not that fair.

And so I killed that lovely angel...
without a fuss and doubt.
I killed it when i knew you;
and knew what's love about.

Since then i knew the joy it brings;
to feel and share the love.
Since then i knew the pain it brings...
to lose what you have got.

I was that lovely angel who
never knew a single thing.
That angel was my innocent self;
who did not care a thing.

Now that she lay dead on my heart;
I wish I'm her again.
Her wings had lain behind her back;
My heart has shouted pain.

I wish i am that lovely angel
who never knew a thing.
Who never knew such simple things...
I wish I'm child again.

Who never worries for tomorrow;
or when she'll ever die.
Who never fears for any hunger;
or the need to ever lie.

And so my tears are like the rain;
that flow through endlessly.
I killed that lovely angel and
I cried on hopelessly.

Emily Brown 16 September 2006

that was brilliant, I can realate to that very well indeed. Good work jessel *claps* was very touching. -db

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 16 September 2006

Another Gem of a Verse, Jessel.Your diversified abilities are impressive.....Theres an open literary Spectrum out there ready to be tapped,24/7...If you want it bad enough...I expect to hear you out there a tappin, young lady'''''''''''''''FJR

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Nick Percowycz 23 August 2006

We all wish we could return to our innocense. But the world will not let us! Marvelous poem, Jessel. A 10.

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