'All That Marine Biology' By Anna Polibina Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

'All That Marine Biology' By Anna Polibina

All that marine biology, bottom astrology, is meant to console, to condole, to trade soulmates. The flashes of inner rhymes are like random hopes meant for nought. All Aquarius is obscured with the implorable vision of tedious details, of boring clausulas, knots of similar vowels... Sharp adoring, acrid smells, striving for compact unity, wholesome collisions of consonants mirroring one another. Mollusks are blankly copulating under the thickness of darkening, multi-layered, destructured ocean water. Adroit corals, chalky stones, underwater streams of up combed weeds. Ocean researchers are ever deceived, cheated with the system if altering colors and as if out feigned textures... The astonishing Aquarius at random, bleakly reigns. Minor details mean a world of flashing investigations, tiny openings. Things are inevitably revealed, unraveled, disconjured, with an unaffordable speed, and yet, diligently, with a soul wide ajar. The white verse of the sea presupposes long, uneasy, inricate, complicated, hardky amplified stanzas. Oceans are metaphors for passion, well- forgotten juvenile sensations tossed into the ver core of the soul. Love delicately squeezes the sacred depth of the heart. The toil of live is doomed beforehand; no redemption is foreseen by the brisk nature of fluent emotions, scarcely noticed but of utmost effeciency whenever overcome. The coalmines of attraction are of frugal, rigid, uneasy eternity, of everlasting scheming and plotting against of irrevocable load of outer impressions. We care for weird dimensions of gem keeping them under the pillow at a Venetian parlor. Uncertain simplicity keeps us of reveries. Reckless impressions of love take up the bewaring memory. I am a birdiefish soaring at the airy, spacy, vast Universe of banned, neglected, rejected, overseen, missed tunes. The wings are uneasy to bear, to tolerate, to wear, to steer, to cheer oneself with, to redeem it in spheres. I am indulged to that realm, with my feathers, tentacles, scales, cells, hairs.2022

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