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All Things Lovely

Rating: 4.3

Lovely things begin with the sunshine.
Her rays illuminate faces
So that smiles can be seen.
Her love so bountiful
She shares with the world.

Next on the list is friendship.
Her bonds hold giants safely
Over ledges. Her eyes magnify
To infinity the good,

And make minuscule the bad.
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Pranab K Chakraborty 05 October 2012

...She allows friendship to crystallize / Into excellence. She replaces sorrow / With the hope of a better tomorrow... Nice writing fit for PH.

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Mark Dillon 05 October 2012

Absolutely so well put together and lovely to read, thank you.

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Melanie Johnson 08 January 2010

Oh my goodness.... I love this poem. =) You expressed it so well and it's just beautiful. Wow! Great work girl. =) Be blessed, Melanie

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Lady Grace 30 December 2009

the author is right...all things are lovely.. patience is the most essential equalizer of all kinds of relationship.. the poem is nicely done..the words are well expressed..so nice..this will go to my fav..

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 December 2009

Catering imagery / theme thro’ words are unique… and you too do so…Les… Ten Ms. Nivedita UK

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 January 2016

Her love so bountiful with muse of creation. Nice work.

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Dorothea Forbes 12 October 2015

i love this poem. very good read.

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Ken E Hall 17 May 2015

You are like a friendly spider spinning a web of loveliness...sunshine tears and patience all wrapped in love with a message keep it up...regards

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Lenny Camacho 05 October 2014

sweet poem... like the smell of morning roses

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Kay Staley 05 October 2014

I dont like the way this poems lays out on paper. It is to refined and not enough raw emotion either. On the good side, there it is nice that the author characterizes the virtues with identities to make them appear as if they are alive.

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