Almighty Nemo Poem by allan macli borges

Almighty Nemo

Rating: 5.0

Saturday night

We came out together at Saturday night
To buy little things for Sunday morning
We stared each other with an unseen smile
I was excited and you seemed like
Just having a walking into the night
But you couldn’t hide from me
That you were feeling ungrounded
Hand in hand we walked ‘til the market
Because my mother said you should walk
We changed the latest words before the happening
Words of doubt and weakness, words of sorrow
Words of fear, we have no time to train
But we changed words of joy and happiness
Words of strength and boldness, we have nothing to complain
We embraced and smiled as we tried keeping the tears
It was too much for live in so few years
We are young and enjoy living the life
Now we were loosing it for our own will
When I remember that is this way I feel
But time have just changed my view

Sunday afternoon

You asked for help and I called for a taxi
But you were always so strong and soft
Meanwhile I was next to a heart attack
I held your hand all along the day
And I trembled as the doctor touched you and said
The time has come you will get a baby
Just a blink was enough to vanish away
With the daring and all your greatest courage
It was terrible seeing your face of pain
I fought to keep stood steady on my feet
As you cried looking at me ‘I can’t do it’
So I’ve had to seem stronger than you
You know it isn’t a thing so easy for me to do
Then I held your hand the tighter I could
And never took my eyes away from you
Then we fought for a while a particular battle
Staring each other and pushing out together
It was twenty minutes running fast straight to the edge
As he came out we realized some thing was happening
Because our child was not moving and he was not breathing

Sathyanarayana M V S 28 July 2009

Fast moving poem. Yet I read it in one stretch spellbound. Heart wrenching end..Great narration. Great poem.

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Obinna Eruchie 27 July 2009

What a beautiful poem, what a wonderful relationship.

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Chitra - 27 July 2009

heart felt and mind stirring poem..10+

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Surya . 26 July 2009

beautiful poem.beautiful naration.voted10 surya

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