Alone Together Poem by Lee Crowell

Alone Together

Rating: 5.0

I have become
someone who worries about nothing

I try my damnedest to cover the overhead
and bills
the daily annoyances
that pelt me like stones tossed by children from a streamside

my little advisor assures me I've tried
that my success or failure should not disturb my being

I just don't get bothered anymore

I can't pinpoint exactly when it was
that he arrived

he most certainly wasn't there
when my nightmares woke me frightened
and choking on air thinned by spirits
or when the funerals left me
and in fear of non-existence

my advisor has a knack for finding new direction
when the one I've chosen has failed

the future means nothing anymore
I simply deal with it when it becomes now

I am absorbed in today's me
and the contentment transcends
everything I've known
everything I thought I had

I call him little because he feels little
not the dominating type, this advisor of mine

never really tried to get a good look at him
no need to
I know when he's here
more than I know anything else

I've been assaulted with accusations of lacking a sense for urgency
but my little advisor and I step back
we observe, and then we make our move

Salu Salu 17 June 2009

wow! a brilliant thought settlement.....the positive feeling and energy transcends to me from ur magnificient thoughts...a man needs some fresh air, water and very little to stuff stomach....all the rest is merely building of thoughts.... bills n expenses.. profits n losses...throw the crazy brainbox away....get relaxed.... you wonderfully imaged and pictured a big philosophy in its simplicity..complexity! no... not at all..... some years back i grabbed this knack...since then nothing worried me... though upsings n downsings there around. thanks much for seeing a same thought you poetically packed. salu

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Sathyanarayana M V S 13 June 2009

A masterly exhibition of poetic talents.

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