The Quest Poem by Lee Crowell

The Quest

Rating: 5.0

tiny shiny diamonds
suspended in the night
over these mystery paths
humming echoes of tribal chants
armed with determination and desire
to venture long forgotten trails
of long forgotten journeys
I will
I must
I will

Joya Feghaly 01 March 2009

lovely poem... touching words...! ! ! keep on writing...

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deep thought, cosmic and beautiful thanks for sharing

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Darkness J 01 March 2009

Very nice chosen words, I really like it.

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Costa Anakiev 01 March 2009

beautifully written. you're very romantic, seeing what other people can't notice.

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 01 March 2009

Beautifully written. keep it up.

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Sadiqullah Khan 13 March 2009

How far the will can go, but great piece,10

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Vaibhav Pandey 12 March 2009

Great piece of work forced me to think with this poem...10

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Bonnie Collins 08 March 2009

This is very powrefully written with much depth, and mind provoking.. I will tell you after carefully reading it twice, what I felt from this, it seemed to take my mind back to places, roads, avenues inwhich I have persoanlly traveled, mostly with memory, and some of them, were fullfilling others not, and I wondered if this is what your write had intended to say, if not, I feel it trully is a well written piece with alot of depth that leads the reader to THIINK.... I enjoyed this.. Bonnie

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Dr Kamran Haider 06 March 2009

It was little difficult for me to grasp what you really want to say in this beautifully composed piece. Technically its near to best yet I would have loved it more if it would have little bit more vivid. Having said that it's your piece Sir, and you have full right to make it open or conceal it in beautiful wrapper. My humble mind needs more insight and skill to read the story behind these wonderful words. Thanks for sharing Regards, Kamran

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Trudy FlashGordon 03 March 2009

short sweet and to the point i like it

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