* Learning Curve Poem by Lee Crowell

* Learning Curve

Rating: 3.7

yellow bus stroking the
on a concrete highway

windows wide open grabbing air
for a field trip in an early May
heat blast

with very
short khakis spouting lean legs
the teacher's aide
led me down a stream along a shaded path

steeped in the backwoods element she
crouched barefoot in a pool
scooping crystal water with her cupped hands

what she couldn't get into her mouth spilled on
her nose and chin,
trickled down her chest
and I realized she was naked underneath that
half buttoned shirt
but I couldn't stop staring
while she lingered like a living sculpture with
droplets on her dark tipped mounds

Deborah Cromer 01 July 2009

You did a good job. It's well written and doesn't blurt things out. It leaves some mystery. Some guessing too. Not too much too fast. Nice work.DC

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Deependra Kumar Jha 01 July 2009

Interesting one! wonder why u said, shy?

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Ernestine Northover 01 July 2009

I think that this is very beautiful, discreet but sensual. Nice intermingling of subtle hints. I enjoyed the read, even at my age! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love Ernestine XXX

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Ency Bearis 01 July 2009

intriguing moves to explore the elegance..well implied...but I think to be shy? ah..ah? .............10

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Chitra - 01 July 2009

the subtle hints of a blossoming romance well protrayed!

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Kranthi Pothineni 27 August 2009

No clue what inspired you to right this. Flow was good with interesting title.

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Actually Lee I hate bras too! Naked indeed, she had a perfectly good shirt on, that had a little bit of water spilled on it. Seriously, you have succeeded to impress me with your stunning new version of your poem. 10 again. Karin Anderson

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Kale Beaudry 06 July 2009

Wow, incredible. Each line flowed with perfection right up to the conclusion. When I reached the end I realized you couldn't have written this poem any better. Learning curve indeed. A title true to its content... and I liked the seductive nuances that you used as adjectives. I'm favouriting. Thanks for sharing.

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Ken E Hall 06 July 2009

Welll written curve...but all I can say is every one and the cats mother has had an experience like that...even Lady Chatterly. Thanks for the read regards

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Indira Babbellapati 06 July 2009

lessons in living... landmarks in adolscent experiences...?

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