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my father in law is at the end of his life
his name is George and I don't want him to go

but we all leave

six point seven billion illusionists
today on this globe
seeking consensus
of the senses

I dream of Cambodia
of white tusked elephants
plodding through your plains
of tigers and panthers lurking regal in green leaved brush

we sat in Washington Square Park
on a slatted wood bench in the sun
your hair was tied back
and your face flushed pink with little beads of sweat

there is a fat woman in tight fitting clothes
has a place called Little Angel's
she took me through it
the dimly lit dining room

tiny shiny diamonds
suspended in the night
over these mystery paths
humming echoes of tribal chants

yellow bus stroking the
on a concrete highway

we found you on the open dock
a child with eyes of age
we took you in for the good of our sins
and a greater fear of god's rage

and utterly confused

my father said 'son you've got to
make that run
if you'll ever begin to win'
but dad

Ra the Egyptian sun god battles darkness every night
and returns every morning with another day in his arms
thankfully for us he is batting one thousand
at the mercy of Ra's efforts I lie awake

a common thread in
dreams a dreaded stone terrace affords
misty foggy view of shuddering views from
height above clouds from a

If you want me to say what you feel I'll
write a prescription

when I have a story I'll

tell me madam spider
how it feels when I touch down
onto your inviting web
tell me how quickly you sense my entanglement

I busted loose from my chain today
busted loose
from my chain
my dog chased me up and down

sirloin over an open flame
lost its flavor when I went broke
but this handful of coins insists
a hot bowl of soup


perhaps 2001 signifies the crumbling of our age
the Mayans
those calendar correct creatures
from civilization long gone

only one thing brings me to this place
only one thing makes my heart shine
you've got a barefoot long lady leg charm
you're the one thing on my mind

when I listen to him I feel good
because I know there's more to music
than top twenty, american idol
and lyrics that leave us starving for thought

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Lived a full life but I have this constant feeling of being young and naive. My biggest passion is cross country mountain biking.)

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George's Shoes

my father in law is at the end of his life
his name is George and I don't want him to go

but we all leave
we just don't have to think about it right now
unless we're already in George's shoes

and it's sort of bittersweet
that there's not a living soul who wants him to go
he is loved that much

(George Derby, born April 24 1920, died May 9 2009, I will not forget him)

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