Cambodia Poem by Lee Crowell


Rating: 4.8

I dream of Cambodia
of white tusked elephants
plodding through your plains
of tigers and panthers lurking regal in green leaved brush
among blazing colored birds
exotic as can be conceived
I dream of coned shaped towers atop Angkor Wat
greatest temple in the world
home for all Khmer
the refuge of the people

Cambodia, Cambodia
let me taste from the bowl of your sweetest rice
and relish the fruits of your land
I dream of a walk under your monsoon sky
and I drink the soul of your rains
while the Cambodian tears gently pelt
the numbers to the ground

and I dream of the many numbers
of those who were cut down
of those who were denied their lives
of the expressions of confusion
and the need to understand
the unfolding
the inexplicable Cambodian tragedy

I dream of Cambodia
of life beyond 'brother number one'
the quarter of your brothers and sisters discarded
I am on my knees
and I feel the warmth of trust
renewed in your land
home of the great Khmer

Eyan Desir 17 March 2009

hmmm, interesting write very

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Bonnie Collins 17 March 2009

Written with much depth and emotion and with so much imagery... Very colorfull and touching actually.... Very nicley done.....

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Salu Salu 17 March 2009

quite emotional and touching......... rgrds/salu

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Victor Sklyarov 17 March 2009

It is great poem. You've managed to reveal the beauty and tragedy of this country and its people.10+

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Sandra Fowler 17 March 2009

You translate the essence of sorrow with dignity and grace. This is a very moving piece. Ten for your eloquence. Kind regards, Sandra

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Subroto Chatterjee 01 June 2009

In my younger days, my friends used to dream likewise [with some changes] about the USA..the land of opportunities..Ah, how time flies! ! But, yes...about you and Cambodia..well written piece..nicely done. Wistfully memorable. Cheers. Subroto

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 14 April 2009

Beautifully written. It is very good.

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Lily Law 27 March 2009

Love the flow of this poem... You penned it with full of love... Nice work... ^-^

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Sally Plumb 25 March 2009

I think this poem is beautiful. Every time I read your name I grin. Voyeur.

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Sally Plumb 25 March 2009

I think this poem is beautiful. Every time I read your name I grin. Voyeur.

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