Carmella Poem by Lee Crowell


Rating: 5.0

and utterly confused

and grounded
in suspicions unfounded

yet I'm still getting high on life
and I'd be lonely if any of this changed

baby you've got a new gem
that I've never seen
in a place that beckons to the dogs
lust starved
and pervertedly malnourished

but Carmella your song is outside my range
and I've lost my feel for the keys

before you climb back to your hilltop
let me bum a few matches for the stove
if this place had a door
I'd say don't bother locking it
you're the only one who comes around

and the only one who dared
to play outside the box
to embrace the riffraff
and mingle with damaged goods

and didn't we fight our way to the pit
like nothing that ever battled before?
weaving our way between the shadows
elusive even to the smoke and mirror conspirators
who sat in boardroom meetings

we laughed at their dollars
knowing it was mere emptiness
before their misery set in

and we remained true
you and I
only in the end
you finished better

if this place had a mantle
I'd frame it with your picture Carmella
as a reminder that we had a groove

rago rago 20 June 2009

A well carved sculpture......... conveyiing my sincere thanks for your kind sharing.....see 10++

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Linda Winchell 20 June 2009

What an awesome poem! I loved it! Ten

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Paige S 20 June 2009

I agree with the other readers, This piece is a very fine free verse sculpture. Well done!

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Naidz Ladia 20 June 2009

this is a nice work..a beautiful piece..since you exert an effort in making this so,10 for you dear..naizz

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Eyan Desir 20 June 2009

Good flow Well crafted top marks

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Kizza Michael 21 August 2009

this poem has created a new theme to my day. i feel you emotions.

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Lily Law 07 July 2009

i can feel your emotion from the poem...10+

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Ken E Hall 26 June 2009

Well done feel about this poem love leaves its mark ++++10 regards

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Joseph Poewhit 24 June 2009

Poem comes across with a special type of love feeling.

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Laila lili 24 June 2009

i dont know what to say because what ever i wrote or even they wrote is not enough at all well done and thanks for sharing 10******** is a little expression laila lili

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