Also Forgive Me [revised] Poem by Margaret Alice Second

Also Forgive Me [revised]

Back in the office I feel like an alien after
the holiday - as if I'm in chains standing
at my desk; colleagues seem like weird
creatures from another Galaxy - I feel
even more alienated on the ‘Net' where
people praise things I detest intensely

I feel like a criminal for breathing in this
sacred space for translators with boring
texts to be relayed faithfully; if feeling or
imagination enters there is blue murder
and they're right, no changes should be
allowed and I regret my lack of success

In functioning like a photocopy machine
while eating my way to emotional peace;
yet it seems as if we have been here for
an eternity in the space of one morning,
the day will never end; it's difficult to say
how I feel, knowing my translated words

Will be changed arbitrarily by a superior,
entering like an alto Valkyrie & trampling
my little citadel of fragile self-esteem,
breastplate agleam, steering her steed
straight through my dreams, her strong
heart beating mightily - but I know that

Only the experience of love and joy will
stay in our hearts & I will be resigned,
then content in the privilege of having a
job, being alive, being who I am, loving
my family and my colleagues: Fraulein
Rottenmeier, Mother Abbess, Sister

Sunshine & the rest, making peace with
screeching singers belting out songs to
be sung sweetly conferring forgiveness;
oh please - also forgive me…

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: alienation,estrangement
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