Always Poem by Pablo Neruda


Rating: 3.4

I am not jealous
of what came before me.

Come with a man
on your shoulders,
come with a hundred men in your hair,
come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,
come like a river
full of drowned men
which flows down to the wild sea,
to the eternal surf, to Time!

Bring them all
to where I am waiting for you;
we shall always be alone,
we shall always be you and I
alone on earth,
to start our life!

Ana Burnhep 23 December 2010

These words are truly touching. This poem speaks to me, for so many reasons. I love Pablo Neruda. He was an amazing poet. One of the best. So romantic, Imagine what it is like to be loved by a man that can give these words.

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Angie Que 02 March 2012

It's the way he uses his words to evoke emotion from me that gets me...

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Vincente Ruiz 30 April 2010

you really inspire me with your incredible poems. they really touch my soul & heart.they make me feel like am in a flower garden full of roses.

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Vincente Ruiz 30 April 2010

the poem is romantic &'s indeed beautiful & splendid, am so impressed by the way u create your words. i make you my idol.

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Allison Helman 28 June 2012

What a wonderful poet. If people knew how his simplicity accesses the profound, no one would ever want to believe or buy a greeting card again- much less live their lives like one.

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evan warton 14 September 2022

pretty cool tbh

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Dr Dillip K Swain 03 June 2022

Bring them all to the point... great expression!

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Chinedu Dike 03 June 2022

Insightful, profound and thought-provoking. A beautiful love poem.

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Unnikrishnan E S 24 November 2018

How a man’s true love looks at infidelity of his beloved. How tolerant it is. How delicious a poem. I have seen this is real life.

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Indira Renganathan 27 October 2016

For ever he is hers and in this regard he challenges...nice love poem-10

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