Ambitious Poem Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

Ambitious Poem

Rating: 4.8

A poem with an aim,
Destined to make a name
To end up well in fame,
Knows well to play a game.

Knows it a lot to play
To get there in a way,
To make a mark to stay
To have a brightened day.

Brightened that it can face
The hurdle with full grace
To have, set up the pace
The glory in its place.

The glory as it does make,
Good enough for its sake
That strenghtened it to take
Success right at its wake.

Took its time not to fail,
But of doubt it did bail
With strength to make it sail
Far enough for joy to mail.

A poem now well made,
Risks to face for it bade
Against all odds to raid
Its efforts have been paid.

John Kay 26 May 2009

pleased) perfectly written and full of sense... 'A poem with an aim' - indeed so...

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kulit .. 01 July 2009

your a good poet.. yes, every poetry is ambitious in different ways... i believe one of it's aim is to give life to the world we are in...

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Marieta Maglas 29 June 2009

A realistic poem that reveals, so succinctly, a point of view absolutely realistic...I like your rhymes, dear Obinna..10+++

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Catrina Heart 13 June 2009

The message have been vividly pointed out....well penned in great end rhymes! ! ! ! ! !

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Dana Soumbouloglou 10 June 2009

loved reading it! .. actually all poems of yours are great... nice to read..

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Noha El3wdy 29 May 2009

Knows it a lot to play To get there in a way, To make a mark to stay To have a brightened day wooooooooooooow, you are creative. i liked the idea soo much, i will try to write somthing like this. your choise of words is great. it left its mark in me thanks

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