Turnabout Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie


Rating: 4.8

Have eyed dire a life packed with storms.
Wildly, money whisked in air-vast sums,
Pains my home with intense heart drums.

All but tears, my wife flooding alone.
To my kids, I’m of tramp-trash tone.
Love to light them ought to be shown.

To discard not my heart-dear ones,
Must stamp a stop to gambling runs,
Must exit out those gulping funs.

Life adrift I have dwelled, I burn.
To a life spring-solaced, I turn.
Sun-living with my home, I earn.

Noel Horlanda 09 November 2009

after all those stormy experience in life, you realized to turn about, to get back and start all over again and this time it has to be good. Nice and excellent write, I like it.

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Antonio Liao 08 November 2009

a package of reality wonders our deep emotion of existence.... a very perfect deeply rooted life experienced..... my heart dismay and my soul wonder..... such turmoil of life ponders every heart to say a sweet goodbye.... oh! my God why have you forsaken me.......thank you my friend...... all have different lapses and encounter of life what we call the fullest of life.... God bless....an excellent poem...a Star and a 10 +++++++++

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Chitra - 08 November 2009

power packed...indelible in tone! loaded with inpsiration

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Raj Nandy 07 November 2009

SELF REALISATION IS PERHAPS THE GREATEST OF ALL HUMAN REALISATIONS, - this seems to be the theme of this poem! 10! -Raj

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rago rago 07 November 2009

loveliest write and turning around where the sun shines.............

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Obinna Eruchie 20 January 2010

Apoet Bangla (12/28/2009 11: 33: 00 PM) sun-living with my home, I earn. yes, this smart utterance we need every sphere of life today. it proves poetry is the man-made art. reality dominates the emotions but yet its aesthetical height is so tall perhaps touches the mysterious imaginative world of life-beyond. want your more writing so smart and so singular dear poet and remember always 'Sun lives with your Home, You earn'. Apoet Bangla-29/12/09

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Joey Valenzuela 16 November 2009

family must ones best thing to have..... more than the vices....

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Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 12 November 2009

Sometimes we get carried away by little bit impulsive activities at the expense of some family responsibilities at times, but ultimately get back to our realization and amend the things for the better.The poem is a good reflection of realization and family devotion.Very nice.

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Shannon Monroe 10 November 2009

wow.... that is all i can say! good poem... thamk you for sharing it with us! ! !

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Catrina Heart 09 November 2009

Life adrift I have dwelled, I burn. To a life spring-solaced, I turn. Sun-living with my home, I earn. ---- wonderful flow of poetic words here...just so lovely and full of emotions...Great piece!

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