The Sound Of Dreams

Rating: 4.6

The heads of fingers
With tons
Of adoration,
Soft the strings sweet of harp
To send free
The sound of dreams
That metamorphosed
The atmosphere
Into the white zone
Of heaven,
Like the sea still of blue
Dorned in light
By the beam bright of sun.

Kctony Xtopher Nkwocha 02 November 2009

All poets here have said it all. Poetically knitted. I love it.

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Clara Odelia Ciutara 01 November 2009

very well composed, and written as good as its tittle. Nice..

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Khilil Perry 31 October 2009

Very good

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Eyan Desir 31 October 2009

A fine and beautiful poem

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Chitra - 30 October 2009

a musial metaphor..resonant sounds!

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Krystal Vincent 02 March 2011

woooow i am speachless... beautiful beyond what words can express, or what eyes can see or or even for the ear to have heard... u layed ur heart out my friend very beautiful i love it

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Cúcídh Mac Cuagh 06 March 2010

A great idea articulated through use of excellent images. Well done!

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Ihab Marzouk 05 November 2009

How beautiful. How balm. You no doubt really have calm sensibilities and the greatest ones. It can almost never would occur to one's minds to write such a poem. Your description is very wellk, in addition to the words you used to express things.

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Obinna Eruchie 05 November 2009

hannah brandeberry (11/4/2009 9: 33: 00 PM) I like it :) its deep and passionate :)

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Helen Vorst 03 November 2009

i was hooked by 'white zone'. so old and in many ways discribed subject as music appearing here in somewhat sober, technichal words as 'tons' and 'zone', and something else i'm not able to put in thoughts - that is a dream, in true. thank you.

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