Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie Poems

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The Heart Of The Jungle

In the jungle,
The main center of Mother Nature,
Where adventure runs wild.
The drum’s beating loudly,

In Beauty

In beauty we dwell
Blooming stark from spring,
Who moves with flight,
Seasons the air

Tranquil Beneath The Trees

The moon and the stars share the sky's peace,
While the sun after roaming now sleeps.
Calm as mist silver, the night appeals
In a kind crawling across the streets.

Lines Of Success

Essence holds its dream entire,
Strengthens hope true into fire
To fit in it to be higher
To the most breezed to aspire.

Love, Your Piano!

Love, when you play,
Your piano hits a chord
Tremendously as melody
Inspiring my veins,

A Luminous Butterfly

Wonder winged luminous in my eyes.
Elegance sheer I perceive and prize
On a flower who plays the sun of skies.

The Land Of Abundance In The Hands Of Unreason

In the land offering lush riches,
To care convey decent of needs.
Everything where flourishes,
And to harmony wide leads.


Have eyed dire a life packed with storms.
Wildly, money whisked in air-vast sums,
Pains my home with intense heart drums.

My Clock No More

Now my clock ticks no more,
Is with night who does secure
It as the nail who dwells in a door.

The Night Sky

Designed is the night sky with the stars’ sleekness,
Silvery like the eyes wondrous in meekness.
Heavenly to have been clothed with sweetness
Gleaming like the sheen found on rocks of neatness

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