The Heart Of The Jungle Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

The Heart Of The Jungle

Rating: 4.9

In the jungle,
The main center of Mother Nature,
Where adventure runs wild.
The drum’s beating loudly,
The wild is calling out,
The air is blowing hard.
That is the very sound playing.
The sound of the wild
Playing right
In the heart of the jungle.
Taking you deep
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Rich in beauty and serenity,
It is house to wildlife,
The animals dwelling
Are one huge family.
The plants come together
To form a world of attraction.
Love and harmony
Prevail right
In the heart of the jungle.
Working wonders
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Which is a paradise right on earth.
A place of wild nature,
You can gaze at the works
And the wonders of God.
Densely desirable
A splendid place to marvel at.
Mesmerizing you
To be drawn
In the heart of the jungle.
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
The forever charming warm setting
Takes you close to nature.
So much truly divine,
Is a much cherished world.
Mother Nature is proud
In having accomplished so much.
Accomplishment that’s
Showing right
In the heart of the jungle.
Pride and honour
Right in the heart of the jungle.

In the jungle,
Sight of green colour dominates.
Green, vibrant delight viewed
From most plants and trees’ leaves,
Offers flourishing source
That brings tranquility
And peace into the atmosphere.
Adornment is so
Well placed right
In the heart of the jungle.
It feels like home
Right in the heart of the jungle.

Anthony Foster 22 August 2009

I can hear the gentle breeze rustle the foliage, I can smell the undergrowth and and see a flash of red and green is it a parrot. Very good I am there and experiencing.10

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Kaarem Perawiti 27 August 2009

thank you for the journey..

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Jazza Bella 31 July 2009

This was very interesting. I loved this piece. Such vibrant words and detailed descriptions. I am a big kid and the way you made me imagine that I am in the jungle, exploring and having my own little adventures. Great Really Loved it 10 pts.

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Dmitry Wild 31 July 2009

I felt like the jungle was growing in the room when i was reading that. That's pretty good.

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Melissia Ann Senter 01 August 2009

I loved this one outstanding write of nature, I felt as if I were right there in the jungle just simply beautiful write my friend. Thanks for sharing Melissia ANN

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 November 2017

A fabulous poem replete with imagery

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Nooruddeen Mm 10 October 2009

Obina You took me directly to a thick forest. Good write Rgds Nooruddeen

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Ria Vasavan 30 September 2009

'The Heart of the Jungle' Oh My God ! ! ! ! it was an imaginative piece , but for me , I was almost there with your poem . Thought I was actually having a beautiful journey . Never been to a jungle , but this journey to the jungle was mesmerising . Thanks for it .

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Fo Bellefluer 12 September 2009

Has really good imagery! i liked it a lot

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Hailey Agnew 02 September 2009

very good and well written, good wording

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