Amma (Mum) My Great Wisdom Poem by Kolitha Lelwala

Amma (Mum) My Great Wisdom

She rose into our world
Before the mighty sun peeped into the world
Nick – Knack sounds in the kitchen
Made us up and fold the linen.

Talking to kitty purring around
Feeding the innocent bending down
First event of the day before the dawn
I could tell it without a sound.

Clouds rolling up back into the history ……….

Kind compassionate smile
Focusing onto my eyes for a while
Tapping to my buttocks in a style
'My naughty boy... not enough? ? '
Whispered with a smile
Still I smell the fragrance of her milk.

Clouds started rolling …..

Leaving her soul belonging to we all
Yet, over all, for everybody as a whole
Home – Kitchen – School – Home – Kitchen – School
Gathered pain from home … and fatigue from school
Still infusing energy through foods & love for we all
never had complains nor she had any arguments in vein
But, shedding tears kneeling in dark towards North Pole
Sobbing alone, corner of the room told me an untold pain within.....
Having no hatred, anger, aversion towards whom she was fooled
Instead, 'Metta, Karuna, Muditha, Upekha' practicing all.

Clouds became faster …………

Time came when she failed to grip a slipper
Diagnosed a disease gradually destroy my skipper
Mind started crying yet, there was no buffer
Nevertheless didn't expose to her either.

Clouds rolled passing the mighty sun …….

One gloomy afternoon
Having finished rounds in dense medical wards
Where you see patients sleep under the beds
Walked to the quarters almost being winded

'My darling son' she called me
Strong voice and clear it was.
'Amma..' she wasn't there.
Hundreds mile away being bedridden? ? ?
I flew to her embraced her in my mind
Resting myself in the bed
Sustaining between awake and sleep
There the phone rang …… a familiar voce spoke
'Dr. please come home, our great teacher's gone'
I knelt down clasping my hands together
Amma …… my great WISDOM.
May you attain Nibbana! !
(may you attain enlightenment! !)

Dr.Kolitha Lelwala
8th November 2006

This POEM is dedicated to all mothers in this world

Dulakshi Wakista 18 February 2010

Well expressed.You've expressed your feelings superbly.You've portrayed your love towards your mother so nicely.My heart attached to your flow write.Indeed it's a wonderful poem.10++++

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Deva De Silva 14 January 2009

Tears came to my eyes reading this. When my mother passed away for a long time 'she' was all I wrote about. It eases the pain and the regrets of 'could have beens' and 'should have dones'. Your love for your mother echoes in this poem the same way I feel for mine. Lovely poem. Thanks. Deva

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Tata K 05 June 2007

Really really NICE! ! !

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Risha : Ahmed 05 January 2007

My father made me read this poem and I am glad he did. It is a beautiful poem, full of love and compassion.

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Ranjith Wijekoon 17 November 2006

Dear Kolitha, Very powerful, I almost went back to my childhood. We both had mothers but they must be poles aprt in some things but very similar in affection and care. I stil remember the way she left, poor me I couldn't even pay my last respects. So thank you for deidcating this poem to my mother too. I want to write more but unable to do it now. Thanks again for bringing back memories of my mother. Regards, Ranjith

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