Don’t Cry Mom! Poem by Kolitha Lelwala

Don’t Cry Mom!

Rating: 5.0

(A baby was admitted to ER with status epilepticus. Poor pediatrician refused to give Diazepam to him, baby passed away on mom’s hands)

Oh! please don’t cry mom…
Don’t cry….
Your baby would never come back
Please let him be in his destiny
You don’t own him
He never owns himself either
Karma brought him
Bad fever
Continuous convulsions
Poor doctor
With indolent strategy
Could hardly save him….
All flowers wither
Yet, ‘times so are buds
You may collect mustard seeds
From a house never had a funeral
As “kisa” did during Buddha’s time
You may never find a single seed
Don’t cry dear mom
You will never get him back
No God can do that
no one is immortal.

Sumita Datta 14 July 2008

You love or hate...It’s all fate.... Very touchy poem.... :)

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Greenwolfe 1962 19 July 2008

Wisdom, spoken as such. With clarity and perspective. Is a treasure greater than gold and a written tune that is heard throughout the universal heart of man. GW62

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 April 2022

10 points or 5 Stars for your dramatic very sad poem. I am sure the child-specialist did his best to save the baby, of course he saw that the baby cannot be 'saved' at that moment.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 April 2022

Excellent poem about how life, real life goes on, it even does not stop to save the most innocent person, a BABY, I am sure Diazepam would also not save the baby

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anne adam 17 January 2009

so nice so sweet but it's sad too

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Sandra Fowler 17 December 2008

Very poignant. The baby is with God. And so is the mother's tears. 10 for your compassion. Warm regards, Sandra

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Gutter Box 29 November 2008

Well done...good choice of words Excellent poem. Keep up the good work.

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