An Alcoholic Poem by Daniel Bernard Kelleher

An Alcoholic

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Funny the way things turn out
Where had your dreams got lost
You had your life before you
Knowing now this is your lot
Aspirations you had many
Though you knew what lied ahead
Life had many twists and turns
Its here you made your bed
Working in a dead beat job
Your future gone astray
Choices you made in life
You rue them everyday
Your dreams slowly faded
Aspirations out the door
Taking that first drink
My life ruined for evermore

Saturday, December 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: dreams,drink
Mj Lemon 31 March 2020

A very moving much of life change when that first social drink becomes something so much more. This poem goes to myfavourties.

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Norah Tunney 11 April 2016

Yes Daniel its a real problem for some people Dreams get lost Good that you writing about it

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Daniel Kelleher 12 April 2016

A close relative of mine was one but hasn't had a drink for years, thank God, Thank you for comment Norah

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Margaret O Driscoll 17 December 2015

Alcoholism is so damaging to one and all, well done

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Daniel Kelleher 17 December 2015

Alcoholics don't see the damage untl its to late, Thank you Margaret

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Spock The Vegan 05 December 2015

Good writing. Taking that first drink My life ruined for evermore. It happens.

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Daniel Kelleher 07 December 2015

It happened to a friend of mine, Thank you Spock for your comment

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