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Looking way down the harbour
The landscape has changed so much
Once a place of beauty
Now a distant memory

I used to love to stroll on the beach
Feel the ocean flow over my feet
See teenagers freeze by the chill of the sea
And children jumping back and squeal

Funny the way things turn out
Where had your dreams got lost
You had your life before you
Knowing now this is your lot

Our little grandson who is almost four
For devilment he knows no bounds
A rogue if you ever met one
In the house as he plays around

A carers work is never done
Most times they feel alone
Hands that once felt smooth to touch
Now old and wrinkled very rough

My dreams are my salvation
My nights are my release
To wonder off to dreamland
As I drift away to sleep

My love for you is fading fast
Your betrayal I can not forgive
My love for you was steadfast
Until you broke my heart

I've known for weeks what I must seek
Find true love from the heavens above
God is my saviour from this impending danger
Send down his Angels to flush out this peril

In my eyes I hold your face
In your smile I see your grace
In my heart I hold your love
In my soul we will shine above

A troubled man
A troubled mind
No end in sight
No end to fear

My wish is to walk beside you
To hold your hand in mine
Feel your closeness to me
Just for one last time

Alone I stand before thee Lord
Remorseful for my wrong deeds
I choose to ignore your word
Now iam begging for my soul


I find it impossible to understand
How greed and power destroy nations
How its left carry on unabated
People power has to call a halt

Even the angels cried when you left our sides
As your tiny little hands slipped from mine
No answers given as to reasons why
God had taken you from our sides

Stop look around you and listen
For sounds not heard in awhile
The fast lane you live in
You forgot how to listen


You may not always see the wonder
Of friendships you hold so dear
Nor thinking of their value
Yet knowing they are always there

A child is born
A welcome birth
A future King
To save the earth

You often hear in passing
You hear them most everyday
Does anybody listen
Does anybody care

As I sit by my hospital window
Watching people passing by
Its raining cats and dogs below
I wish I was by their side


Our world at war
Will we ever have peace
Many more will die
The evil within

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Married to Maureen 1967, We have four children 2 daughters and 2 sons. Have 9 granddaughters and 1 grandson.)

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Lost Beauty

Looking way down the harbour
The landscape has changed so much
Once a place of beauty
Now a distant memory

Kids played in the river
Some even ventured a swim
They even played round the castle
As robin and his merry men

Further down the river
Where once were fields so green
Now stands a concrete jungle
Of cement and steel

Beaches all around us
Picnics were the norm
The island invites everyone
It was our Benidorm

Now all is lost for ever
No more will i see
We let the greedy build and build
No more fields or trees

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Daniel Bernard Kelleher Popularity

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