An Algebra Poem? Poem by Jim Yerman

An Algebra Poem?

Every now and then I am asked to write a poem…an honor for which I feel blessed…
but yesterday, in all honesty, I received a very strange request.

I recently wrote a poem on how basic math relates to life…which must have left one reader in awe…because he asked me if I could do the same with…wait for it…Algebra.

Apparently he has grandchildren who need a little persuasion…as to why they need to study symbols and equations.

First of all…Algebra can be funny…it's not all boring numbers, symbols and graphs…Here's a joke that to this day…makes algebraic mathematicians laugh:

To answer the who, what, where and when in life other mathematical processes apply…but Algebra is the only one where you can find an answer for Y.

I know studying letters and symbols can be a source of agitation…but did you know we use Algebra every time we make a calculation?

As a child when you saw a toy across the room or even those candles on the birthday cake you were blowing…you were calculating distances, using Algebra…yes, without even knowing!

In sports any time you throw or catch or kick a ball…or when you're older…determining the spread…all these moments you are instinctively doing Algebra in your head.

At thanksgiving as you cook your turkey…Algebra is there to please…it helps you calculate how long it takes to cook a 20 pound turkey…at 350 degrees.

Without algebra we wouldn't have TV, or video games and over us a decision would loom…when we're redecorating and trying to determine the area of a room.

Or how much grass we need to landscape our lawn…and we'd be considered a fool…if our calculations were incorrect and our back yard was too small for our pool.

Algebra helps us determine a healthy diet…more vegetables…less fries…
and given our height, weight and body mass…the best form of exercise.

It's true we have Google, Alexa and Siri now…all products of Algebraic conception…but what are you going to do when the electricity goes out…and you no longer have reception?

So please go to Algebra class…do your best…you don't have to be a whiz kid…
Because when you're older looking at that 20 pound turkey…and Alexa has no answer…You'll be glad you did.

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