An Encounter Poem by Robert Frost

An Encounter

Rating: 4.3

ONCE on the kind of day called "weather breeder,"
When the heat slowly hazes and the sun
By its own power seems to be undone,
I was half boring through, half climbing through
A swamp of cedar. Choked with oil of cedar
And scurf of plants, and weary and over-heated,
And sorry I ever left the road I knew,
I paused and rested on a sort of hook
That had me by the coat as good as seated,
And since there was no other way to look,
Looked up toward heaven, and there against the blue,
Stood over me a resurrected tree,
A tree that had been down and raised again—
A barkless spectre. He had halted too,
As if for fear of treading upon me.
I saw the strange position of his hands—
Up at his shoulders, dragging yellow strands
Of wire with something in it from men to men.
"You here?" I said. "Where aren't you nowadays
And what's the news you carry—if you know?
And tell me where you're off for—Montreal?
Me? I'm not off for anywhere at all.
Sometimes I wander out of beaten ways
Half looking for the orchid Calypso."

Tom Billsborough 10 June 2016

A beautiful poem with an amazing last line. Love Robert Frost. Tom Billsborough

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Edward Kofi Louis 10 June 2016

Out of beaten ways of life! Thanks for sharing.

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Tom Allport 29 December 2016

a time to reflect on one's position before moving on.

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Walterrean Salley 24 November 2016

(An Encounter by Robert Frost.) **A poem that encourages me to examine my own daily encounters a bit more closely.

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D Lane 10 June 2016

Very unusual rhyme scheme subtly woven throughout the poem shows Frost's unique skill with words

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Susan Williams 10 June 2016

On a weather-breeder day- - - now that calls all sorts of things dire to mind, a supernatural kind of storm seems to be brewing, a Stephen King introduction to a day, what a number of images weather-breeder breeds,

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Ratnakar Mandlik 10 June 2016

Wonderful experience and realizations given by the miracles in nature while wandering out of beaten ways. Thanks for sharing.

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