Numb Poems: 309 / 500

An Erotic Limerick

Rating: 4.9

My darling, I have a request.
Would you mind if I held you and pressed
both my lips and my face
to your secretive place
while my hands are at rest on your breasts?

And carressing, each nipple will rise,
an expected and welcome surprise.
Ah, bonjour, le lavage
c'est pour moi, mon visage!
New dimensions may soon alter size.

Disentangled, we're sensing a tide
in a hurried ascent you're astride.
As we catch the next wave
sweeping into the cave
to the end of the velvet inside.

Liquid tears without salt we become,
in a storm where the mind must go numb.
As the poetry flows
as it fills you with prose,
we hold hands with each other and hum.

Is there something this life can provide
that would have you or me satisfied?
As they chase after gold
our happy hands hold
better jewels by far and by wide.

Emancipation Planz 11 May 2009

I too laugHxx.... aroha Dxx

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Jack Prost 17 January 2009

I like it.... Made me laugh Thanks

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Alison Cassidy 19 November 2007

Dearest Herbert, this is not quite tongue in cheek, but skilfully describes a lyrical romp in the mattress of your mind. Delightful poem. love, Allie xxxx

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