An Eulogy Poem by Susheela Alexiose

An Eulogy

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It has been two years my love
Since you left me
And went to your father's house
Far above, unreachable

Neither has the Sun risen
Nor has the Sun set in my life
Without your thoughts
Your laughs and your smile

You had been my love
Ever since we met
We loved with a love
That was more than love

Together we walked
Together we laughed
Together we dreamt
Together we shared our lives

Our love was pure
As white as the driven snow
And as fresh as Lily
My love, my dove and my life

I'm just happy for you
As I know you're rejoicing
As I always valued your joy
More than anything else in this world

As I eagerly wait to be with you
Let me run this race
And reach my destination
With hope, joy and grace

When we finally meet
I crave to fall into your arms
And get lost in that embrace
When we meet on that beautiful shore

Monday, December 10, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,love and life
Jaya J 23 January 2019

What a touching tribute Your mom was honored to have you as her daughter.

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Dev Anand 17 December 2018

Let me run this race And reach my destination With hope, joy and grace. very nice poem. who is this for whom you are crying for.. is it ur dad, or mum or your lover.. very good poem. you always land in God.. i am surprised.

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 December 2018

Beautiful shore is a great expression that we will experience after our death...... we are longing for it even when we are here alive........... thank u dear Susheela...... i hope you wrote this thinking of your loving dad.. thank u

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Bernard F. Asuncion 11 December 2018

Dear Susheela, such a touching poem..............

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