An Orphan's Cry Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

An Orphan's Cry

The sweetest thing is love and care
From moms, from dads on infants way
Caring big hugs from their loving arms
Warm kisses scents of baby’s breath.

Little laughter, murmurs of no terms
Meaningful none sense to parents ears
Joyful hearts of parents and children
Humming lullaby, working like wonders
Baby gets asleep so parents in high spirits.

Baby grows she cries and sad one day
Looking for her parents with sorrow and pain
Thinking they left her and no one to care
Just the people by her side watching her.

At the end of the day she sleeps once again
Not seeing the parents eyes swollen with tears
Life goes on the way it does every day
Love, hugs and kisses from them she hungered.

Poor little girl now in the pamper and care
Of the institution of orphaned children
Her parents succumbed to death from an accident
The miserable faith to the dungeon they end.

Now she cries of missing them and as she grows
The memory of the cares, the infant way attention
Was looked for, was needed for to warmth her
And one day in other arms she will feel, by god's will.

(August 16,2009 at 2: 30 pm Philippines)

Omar Ibrahim 01 September 2009

touching and beautiful..........good job keep it up

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Kafil Uddin Raihan 18 August 2009

Great poem.......heart touching.........

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