An Unknown Bird Poem by Suresh Kumar EK

An Unknown Bird

Rating: 4.7

A small bird
very beautiful
But unknown
I found it
In between the
Branches of me.
I tried to catch
And hold it tightly
To my chest, but
it flew away to
The eastern horizon.

Days passed,
It came again,
Became freer,
In front of me.
Began to seek me,
and feed itself
With me lovingly.

Started lookingat me
Through the branches
And the lush green of me.
She made a feather bed
With her Mastercraft
Chiselled with her beak
In my chest
Near my heart.
Always I had
An eye on it,
When I started to
Call it my bird.
It started responding.

Gradually it changed
Singing styles
Once it did blink
It's one eye at me
I did wink at it
passionately responded.
Its wings started
To bloom with colours
Show of the mating season.
She laid eggs in me
And disappeared one day.
I did wait for many days
She didn't return.
Now I am confused
Can I hatch the
Little ones
The hotness of my chest?

Sk Nambiar 17 November 2020

Unknown bird flew away The poet lover personifies it beautifully

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Kostas Lagos 17 November 2020

This is a remarkable poem my friend!

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Mahtab Bangalee 17 November 2020

the loving bird comes and goes in the loving heart, no night or day, no scorching summer or wild monsoon none can stop the bird to come and go freely; but it's this bird is unknown to me! -

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Varsha M 17 November 2020

This is sweet imagery flowing like river. I feel yes you can hatch with your own warmth. Good metaphorical play

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