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‘So tell me, Michael…’
the voice is slow and measured,
that of one used to public speaking,
his words so significant that the audience
must hear every one…
James, the high-flying lecturer on
the humanities and beyond,
writes books, poems, travels, mixes
with the great and good…

‘So tell me, Michael, is there any
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Alison Cassidy 07 July 2007

It's been ages since I've looked in on my Prospero, but when I read your words, tis as if I've never been away - which in truth I've not, just busy with others more pressing at the moment than your good self - sadly. Engrossing, skillful, honest, good humoured. What can I say? Again you tell us what we already know and say it a million times better than we ever could and so we all nod our heads and sigh, like pooh bear. And feel all warm and runny inside. Yes, that's the way it is. That's the way it is. I'll have to print this one. love, Allie xxxx

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Martin Zarrop 05 July 2007

Straight to the heart of the matter, Michael, and - for me - a little humbling as my poetry moves into new and unknown domains. Thanks. Best wishes, Martin

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This is so damned engaging, and sums things up perfectly; with your usual gravitas and insight. Wonderful work (and now get your tongue out of your cheek) . t xxx

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Margery Rehman 24 June 2007

Ah! the art of reasoned argument. Excellent. Kind regards, Margery.

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Tai Chi Italy 24 June 2007

And no doubt 1077 of the above mentioned poems are yours then Michael? lol and not to mention the other ten zillion efforts at being poetic by the wacky pacers such as Alan and Old as the crassy hills, oh and dervish the hassler! lol James must be a REAL poet then? Smiling at you, the real Aciiiiiiiiiid Test

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