An Urge Poem by Rigzin Namgyal

An Urge

Rating: 5.0

an ' urge ' burns in my heart
a wish for me to see
the grand mountains stretching to the sky
and the beauty of being free

i wish to see more of those nomadic lands
that prosper infinitely far, far away
away from the blistering heat in this cosmetic land
where life is so dull and grey

i dream of the rugged mountains singing
covered with sunlit rays of shining gold
of places sung in songs of legend
written with days of gold

i long for the sight of the heavens
of those barren deserts and sparse oasis of green
and my heart aches for the sight
of something it has never seen

i do not know where this road will lead me
for it goes forever on and on
yet i bid it to lead me where ever it may
if i happen to reach Ladakh by the break of dawn :) ;)

An Urge
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: home,homesick,musing,thoughts
Patricia Grantham 05 October 2013

Everyone at one time or another have a sudden urge to do something special in life. Go ahead and follow your dreams wherever it may lead you. Good luck Rigzin.

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isabella Francis 14 January 2012

I really wanna go to Ladakh after reading this poem. Being an Indian I was aware of it's beauty but never gave a thought to go there but this poem make me give serious thoughts to visit the place.

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