Poverty Poem by Rigzin Namgyal


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he was born poor..
his whole life..
he lived..plagued by po(v) erty..
his rich neighbor had a dog..
he wished..
he were the rich man's dog..

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
..life's like that..
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 21 March 2014

well, nice good poem i wont say. but thought i would love to discourage, i composed poetry to reply you as under: - I discourage such thoughts Why situation is not fought? If he was sick and ill I could still understand his will Why did he prefer to be dog? When there was something like god He could have trust god and destiny Everybody is not created same by almighty? It is insult to the humanity When one looses the faith on one’s capacity Poverty is no curse but temporary phenomenon It may improve when misfortune is gone Many more may be poor like him Yet no one thinks in that term On the contrary he must think of riding high Of course poverty may mar his chance of reaching great height I used to cry same as he did But never lost hope or surrendered to greed If one is believing in fate or luck That can happen with anyone or get struck

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Cati Walthall 21 March 2014

wow, only a few lines, yet it's really powerful. I've grown up with having not a lot of money, We have probably just enough to get by, and thank god we have this, because god knows ppl have less, but what comes out of it that rich people don't get is having a sense of pride for the stuff you have and earn, and things in life are more valueable to you

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Hazel Durham 24 March 2014

Courage and determination can try and overcome poverty to seek a better life we have to use our inner strength to pull through! Very good write!

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Kee Thampi 23 March 2014

men might fight and win see the greatness of Narendra Modi from a Chaiwala...... work and work for roti

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Elena Sandu 23 March 2014

A very painful poem. Sad tears for the man'n defeat. The dog could be unhappy too wanting to be in the poor man's skin for he's been sold from one and a half month old puppy never again to see its mother and sisters and brothers. The dignity of a living could be transformed if it becomes the toy of others. Freedom might also be a treasure to long for. I read once a poem about two children eating from the garbage. The smile of the boy watching the girl eating grew on me. Can't remember the poem nor who wrote it, but I realized then that nothing can stop the smiles of big hearts. Somebody(my louzy memory again, sorry) said that the poor more often have such big hearts that could never be kept in chains. Maybe the poor man will find the road back to his smiles even if the life is hard. The least this is my hope.

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Frank Adie 20 January 2018

This is a very touching poem. I see a picture of the worst form of poverty painted here. Short but insightful piece. Thanks for sharing.

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Adeline Foster 29 April 2016

Ah yes, Still a dog Read mine - We the Unencumbered - Adeline

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Kelly Kurt 11 April 2015

A look at perspective with a sad but true poem

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Payal Parande 27 March 2014

wow very profound and deep..brilliantly written sir

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Patricia Grantham 25 March 2014

A very potent and powerful write. Comparing ourselves with others will always leave us feeling incapable. Yet even so the dogs ate lavishly from the masters table but is still a dog nonetheless. Very thought provoking.

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