An Ode To My Mother Poem by Rigzin Namgyal

An Ode To My Mother

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for every moan that escaped you during my birth
every bit of my flesh i owe to you 'O Mother'
in great pain did you bear me for my existence
all my pain belittles in front of you ' O Mother '
when i feared tripping in the depths of darkness
you acted as my cane and embraced me with your light
when without a second you gave your life for mine
that very moment my heart belonged to you forever
i remember when my father punished me
it was always your love that stopped him
your heart was a deep abyss
at the bottom of which i always found forgiveness
you worked hard till your limbs did hurt
but never thought of blaming me for the pain
there was only one pretty child in the world
and in your eyes it was always me ' O Mother '
your love for me knew no infinite
it could make the earth stop and heavens tremble
in the heavens above even the angels started crying
seeing the love so devotional like yours ' O Mother '
you were always my first love
and in my ' first love ' i found my liberation
great wars and battles were fought by warriors, kings and men
but the bravest battle that was ever fought
will not be found in the pages of history written by men
it was silently fought by you ' O Mother '
we speak of diamonds and jewel
you were the jewel in my life that i will always treasure
we speak of pain and torture
the pain was the look in your eyes when i saw you the last time
the torture was in seeing tears fall
from the angelic eyes of my mother
kill me, skin me, peel me, punish as you wish God
but never let tears fall from the beautiful eyes of my mother
your flesh still slumbers in me
and even now only after my eyes close..your heart sleeps
you share with me a ' bond ' that even the God's do envy
a bond that is so dear that only a mother can understand : (: (

Saturday, April 7, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: mom,mother,mother and child ,parents
Neetha Sasidharan 05 May 2012

mindblowing....i don't hv words........i mean, all d things r grt... the fear in the womb, only pretty child in d world, first love, the war silently fought, making god envy - these r just grt, incredible....... i had goosebumps when i read this.....full of emotions....10 on 10..... and the most wonderful was asking god to punish u or make u cry instead of ur mom - this is something that i always ask god...... u r a grt writing

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Dave Walker 08 May 2012

A really wonderful poem, a fantastic write.

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Indira Babbellapati 29 May 2012

very moving n loving lines written on mother...

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Shahzia Batool 24 April 2012

A universal a poem which can be owned by every heart... .. u were d jewel in my life dat i ll always treasure... ...we speak of pain n torture... ..d pain was d look in ur eyes wen i saw u d last time.. ..d torture was in seeing tears fall frm d angelic eyes of my mother.. ....painful...! : (

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Patricia Grantham 11 February 2013

I really loved this poem, well deserving for a mother, it touched my heart Thank you!

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Cosmic Dreamer 25 September 2012

A mother's hug lingers long after she has let go... I enjoyed reading your poem, very nice write... Peace and love always...

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Unwritten Soul 25 September 2012

Rigzin this is a very nice, deep and beautiful poem, surely i can feel how precious your feelings toward your mother! ! really a gem among the gem...but dear friend, its better for you to avoid short form words, i was like you but then i got a poet advised me like i told you just let wen be when, ur to be your and ur to be least for your poetry and for your poems, it already heartfelt and beautiful_Soul

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Persian Khushi 24 September 2012

you are a Brilliant poet! loved it!

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Benaiah Sondashi 24 September 2012

Wow Rigzin you are a great poet this is a fantastic poem am so sorry about your mother she brought a wonderful poet in this world

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