Beautiful Girl Poem by Rigzin Namgyal

Beautiful Girl

Rating: 4.2

beautiful girl, beautiful girl
you are so powerful
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
i should have drawn a line
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
how i bring myself out of your spell
beautiful girl, beautiful girl
now that you are so beautiful
and i am ruined

Zarine Selin 26 January 2013

what do you mean actually

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Patricia Grantham 11 February 2013

Ruined by love, we can all relate to that. Good poem. Thanks

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never try for sky but remain on earth wih smell, fragrance and faith

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Sajna Kailas 01 January 2012

beautiful poem, beautiful poem your poem is so powerful beautiful work, beautiful work i will give my top marks for this! keep it up Rigzin! ! !

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Saadat Tahir 18 May 2012

thanx for the invite.... :) its like a Aesop fable....almost rhymed to nursery style well written tc

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Narayan Rao 02 July 2022

Very good From English teacher

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M Asim Nehal 04 February 2016

Very simple poem....

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Guy Lip-more 03 February 2016

Simple write, though it depicts the joy of love and the heartbreak. Good write.

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Dr Antony Theodore 13 December 2015

how i bring myself out of your spell ? ? By repeating the beautiful girl, you are emphasizing something which you understand and want to express in a dear way. thank you. very good poem. liked your simplicity in words and expressions. tony

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Allotey Abossey 23 June 2015

Beauty can be deceptive...I love the construction of the poem and style of writing... But I just don't understand how and or why someone's beauty can ruin another... The ruin may not be her fault, , , ,

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