Poems And Songs Poem by yellowbell alamanda

Poems And Songs

Rating: 4.7

Before, there was me and you
you composed music
I wrote poem.
Whenever the clouds was gray
you made the sky blue
you brought out the stars
when I made the sun down.
Our heart beats
like bass and drums
you strummed your guitar
and I recited my poems.
' You are my poems, I whispered.
I am your songs, you answered.
You are my phrases
the sentence of my poems
I am the words in the songs you played
...the rythm and melody.

We were once poem and songs
sweet to hear.
Our souls danced
flood of happiness
boat of dreams.
when we held our hands tighter
and swam together.
we thought we dock
into paradise of stream.

But poems was made
and read just once.
The songs just heard
but no one want to dance.
Now the poems were keep
in a book that rests on shelf.
The song might be song again
but not by the lips of yours or mine.
The poems and songs that we once made
why its just fade and now its gone.

Eyan Desir 08 October 2009

They lie love dont always last forever! good write

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Marieta Maglas 30 July 2009

very touching poem.10

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Full Moon 19 September 2012

a vote for the whisper and the answer.!

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Allemagne Roßmann 19 August 2011

Once were poems and songs.Now they are 2gether as lullabies.Well written.Hats off!

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 14 November 2010

i went back to read this because i remember it even when i am about to sleep.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 10 November 2010

what a very nice title, you painted a very nice love story, perfect, until it became a 'once upon a time'. Although it is sad, the poem is greatly written, it speaks of every love story people experience. You painted the scenes with your words, you created the mood in every verse.==you're one great filipino poet, I admire you, i am proud of you.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 28 October 2009

i rated ten here! ......

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