And The Days Are Not Full Enough Poem by Ezra Pound

And The Days Are Not Full Enough

Rating: 3.8

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
      Not shaking the grass

Kerry O'Connor 06 August 2009

My all time favourite favourite poem.

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Adryan Barnathan 15 July 2005

How do you do this to my heart? With the greatest depth of breathless wonder...and bliss....I will never know the answer to this...only feel it~

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 21 May 2006

Great write Ezra... just love the way this reads & the meaning between the lines Best Cecil

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Chinedu Dike 23 February 2021

A concise and insightful bit of verse, well articuated and nicely brought forth.

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Valeria 15 February 2020

Some years ago, my favourite tumblr blog was named " Like a field mouse" . I read this beautiful poem there and it stuck with me ever since, coming to me whenever I feel a little down. I remember you Alec. I hope you are well.

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zuerforschen 05 April 2021

Where ever in the stars he might reside right now. His blog was the best ever. His insight concerning what it means to be human - the human condition in general is unrivalled.

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kiki dranias 16 May 2018

this is the most tragic poem, yet the most beautiful poem ever to me.

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Ines Ami 15 February 2017

Anyone of you know when was this poem written/published? I've tried to search, but I couldn't find it, help me please

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Masu Rodher 08 May 2017

It appears (untitled) introducing Poems of Lustra, written by Pound between 1912 -15.

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Neran Sati 08 March 2016

the accent bein in the last stanza - the human life bein short and unfulfilled and yet nothing changes..

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