And The Rains Came Poem by Stan Petrovich

And The Rains Came

Rating: 5.0

After a 100-day drought
Wringing the patience from everybody's pores,
The rain finally enshrouded the concrete city;
Strange hungry plants invaded odd corners,
And tales of woe became tales of defeat.
The cars & trams were uselessly
Bound in a fog that lasted sun to sun;
Peculiar denizens of the forest deep
Fell punctuating from the sky.
An epidemic of ricketts, were it not for
Vitamin D capsules, made way.
Some were not immune.
Posters of bowlegged young men
Sprung everywhere.

Dr. Armundsun invented a tea,
With the extracts of saffron, lavender
And rhinoceros' tear. That worked for a bit,
The he, too, died.

Why was there no sun in the sky?
Because perhaps it had cried itself to sleep,
Had seen what men did daily
And groaned and wept itself away...

Elena Sandu 06 November 2014

As long as there are people to feel the pain of our planet the hope for us to grow wise and learn how to live friendly with each other cannot die. Yes we shall learn to listen just as you did. We have plenty of teachers all around us, I guess all that we need is to open our hearts towards all forms of life...

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Tony Karas 11 December 2012

Awesome and thought provoking. The best kind of poetry.

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Valerie Dohren 24 November 2012

Excellent piece of writing, very insightful.

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Dave Walker 23 November 2012

One day they will be no sun or rain. If man was born to destroy the world he's doing a fine job. A fantastic poem.

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