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Rating: 4.9

Little Angels Holding hands
Dancing around in a sweet trance
Spreading happiness and joy
Which this ugly world can't Distroy

Smiling faces and happy eyes
innocent feeling with out a Disguise
Oh, what a beautifull sight
It makes me Sigh

Come near me Sweet Angels
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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 09 January 2009

What a beautiful poem Sarah! I really enjoyed it. I wonder how I missed it.The world is like a circus and these little angels are it's real beauty.

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Ron Flowers 18 December 2008

A pleasure to read. Ron

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Aijaz Asif 23 September 2008

an amazing write on angels and in your poem it reminds me of children, like the way they think while they play without worries....thanks 10

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Lovely poems about angels.

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Omar Ali Sabar 02 September 2008

absolutely beautiful

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Mohammad Skati 28 August 2014

It's a sweet poem. I loved it.

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Afzal Shauq 28 May 2009

its a good poem from your side..written in emotional way and heart feeling one..well done 10 +++

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Akram Awadat 27 February 2009

fantastic poem i like it thanks for sharing sarah

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Randy Hogan 02 February 2009

This poem is so very beatiful.......love it......10ssssssssssss

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~ Jon London ~ 20 January 2009

Fantastic poetic write Sarah...I really enjoyed reading this...very touching in the way the thought was used to create a wonderful circus of angels...brilliant Best of health & happiness Jon

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