Animals.... But With Two Legs Poem by Afzal Shauq

Animals.... But With Two Legs

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Good fortune..
By God's grace
you walk on two legs
you do not graze
or appear naked
You seem human...

But upon second look...
you are more animal
like the brutal men
from days gone by
who drank blood
ruthless in action...

Life has evolved
but you changed little
You continue this fighting
No deeds of merit
yet declaring your humanity
the great well wisher

People of mountains!
see your acts
where you are left...
One just passing through
This process...
This revolution...
This social change...
Poem In Pashto By: Afzal Shauq
Translated in English By: Alley Boling
Book: 'TWIST OF FATES' Poem No.132/Page.178
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Ashraful Musaddeq 12 May 2009

Nice is the poem, and nice is the idea. A true portrait of two-footed animal is composed softly with emotion. It’s really the question: what men are doing now a day, are the really man or an animal? The global environment so far human being is concern, changing positively- can it be said? Everyday happenings are so sad to watch, to learn! In this century, in this age of globalization, how can we say we are the best among all living beings! The idea and the composition of the poem is wonderful and in favor of mankind. Let us promise for the best. Added my 10 points to this poem with pleasure.

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a very well expressed poem for a truth which has been proved daily while we see who can't see or listen to the weepy skies who can't feel for what on the ground of this life...a very true image when you say for who drank we say the silent for the wrong is a silent devil and who share the killer by his silence is the greatest killer..wonderful poem 10++++

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Sid John Gardner. 09 May 2009

When men accept that we all worship the same god, consider the future of our families and respect women, and that intollerance is a desease.Then and only them may we all go forward in peace. Sid.

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Carol Gall 08 May 2009

excellence in a great poem 10

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Sameera Sameer 19 September 2009

what a strong poem! ! I love the way you write you simply trust your pen! ! great job

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Catrina Heart 05 July 2009

Man by nature is the highest form of animal. The terrorist, evil politicians, lefftist, those who violates human rights and abuse nature etc. are the savage animals who live in this world. They kill people, destroy nature, burns the world that our offsprings will live in the future. Leaving the world breatheless for tomorrow and soon all these heartless actions will come back to us leaving us suffering tremendously - dying first before the eyes of the Earth.

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Lalitha iyer 30 June 2009

Wonder why we dont feel the nakedness of animals, or rather why they dont feel their nakedness humorous it will be if all the animals suddenly recognizing their nakedness goes into textile shops hunting for dresses............................ha ha ha

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Ishita Mehta 01 June 2009

a nice n concerning look very deep into matters n then write......which makes you stand out from all of us.......

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 14 May 2009

Writing from your soul Afzal....respect and patience for our fellow man costs nothing, it's putting out a hand and accepting him for who he is - then the world will be blessed and its people happy - Cindy

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