A Symbol Of Pride Poem by Afzal Shauq

A Symbol Of Pride

Rating: 4.9

Oh Pisa tower
through the ages
miraculously standing
a symbol of pride
though condemnation threatens
And perhaps one day
you shall kiss the soil.

Majestic tower
made famous by leaning.
The passage of time
unbalanced you,
But still you stand
forever stalwart.
Honor of your country.
Poem In Pashto By: Afzal Shauq
Translated in English By: Alley Boling
Book: 'TWIST OF FATES' Poem No.110/Page.153
Web Link: http: //khyberwatch.com/nandara/index.php?
PDF files: http: //khyber.org/books/ashauq/index.shtml
Poet's weblog: www.tolafghan.com/members/afzalshauq
© Afzal Shauq

Claire Hunter 16 April 2010

'And perhaps one day you will kiss the soil.' - Brilliant! ! ! I loved it! 10/10

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Thomas Coltrin 07 April 2010

i never been their but always wanted to....good poem...i like it

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Emma Kessler 23 January 2010

I liked this a lot, I gave a very clear message.

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Annabel Sheila 14 January 2010

The crafting of your words in this one is awesome......And perhaps one day you shall kiss the soil....how clever is that? ? ? ! ! Very exceptionally written. Anna

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Aira Olayvar 10 January 2010

Your poems are very strong, if you are a filipino, I would have thought you are a demonstrator… you are writing under-principle, or shall I start calling you Mr. Man of Principle… anyways, nice read! we are proud! :)

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Wahab Abdul 07 October 2012

lovely, sweet flow and great tribute to the tower!

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Irina Minaeva 06 May 2010

A very unusual and deep poem.

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Kathryn Brookins 02 May 2010

You are a very good writer, and I have enjoyed reading your poems.. so touching, so insightful and deepness inside of you shows.... I can see how you see, you touch the imagination and florish the minds sight... Very well done indeed.. You are gifted and talented and rich in your words.. I am honored to be able to read your poetry... thank you..

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Maria Junnonen 02 May 2010

When I read the title I really couldn´t imagine it to be Pisa´s Tower but really.... It was quite short and still held its imaginary feeling.

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Jesse Palma 17 April 2010

great poem and so symbolic in itself

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