Anna Mae Bullock Aka tina Turner Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Anna Mae Bullock Aka tina Turner

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Anna Mae Bullock AKA Tina Turner

Tina Turner passed away peacefully at her home
in Switzerland on Wednesday (yesterday) .
Her life with Ike was
a life of greatest fear, sadness, panic, and abuse,

many times her nose had been broken
and other broken bones had been sustained,
the hospital on the spot had witnessed many times,
She was married to Ike for 16 years,

Ike left his 2 children with her,
she also has two sons,
and together she raised all 4 sons
with much love and great care

after this, her solo career started,
it was even more successful than the one with Ike.
Her greatest passion was singing,
with her performances, she sang
and danced away her great and deepest sorrow,

In 1986 she toured Europe
and was picked up at the airport in Germany
by Erwin Bach, of the EMI Records,
their friendship has continued ever since
and their marriage in 2013
was the seal of a friendship filled with love

The Tina musical show in London
is the last and greatest wish of Tina Turner herself
and she personally asked Joop van den Ende
to produce and organize this.

Tina wanted it to be played in Germany first,
but Joop said it deserves an international stage
and it became London, then it goes to New York
and then to the Netherlands,
it has already started here in April
and the shows in London will last until 2024.

I can only say that her last wish has come true,
after a long illness, the Queen of Rock 'n Roll passed away peacefully in her villa in Switzerland
she's gone, but she lives on in her music,
Tina Turner is the best
Tina Turner The Icon is immortal.

she grew up in Tennessee and died in Villa Algonquin. Born in Brownsville, USA November 26,1939 - Died on May 24,2023, in Kusnacht, Zurich in Switzerland. She got one kidney from her beloved Erwin Bach, who cares for her with gret passion, care and love, that's why she got old and what we never knew was: she had also darm-cancer, in dutch is that darm-kanker, so her last years of life was filled with suffering heaviest pains and due to the great loving care of her husband Erwin Bach, she could enjoy these last years at the fullest and she knows the true meaning of LOVE, despite the heavy pains that tortured the last years of her life, she was never afraid of death, she was in utmost loving care and company, Erwin Bach was a God's sent spouse, if I may add, heartiest greetings and thank you so much for reading this narration, Sylvia Frances Chan
Richard Wlodarski 26 May 2023

A truly outstanding tribute to such a great superstar! Heart-wrenching and gut-wrenching account of the devastating consequences of spousal abuse. Deserves an enormous readership. Sylvia, you truly did Tina justice with both your poem and your notes! Congratulations, My Friend!

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