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! Another Rant And A Wicked Suggestion

Rating: 2.5

Spent one hour plus on the phone
trying to book a routine visit
from the power company;
innumerable options,
given seven further phone numbers;
it was booked; they never turned up;
round the circuit again...

Suggestion: get a numbered invoice pad printed,
charge everyone who does this to you
'For professional attention: x hours @ $/£ xxx = $/£ xxx'...

Bet some of them pay you...

Have fun.

Michael Shepherd 26 April 2007

Tara, thanks - maybe you could draft me a recorded announcement on the lines of 'This call will be free for the first fifteen minutes, but any failure to answer satisfactorily after that time will incur a charge at my professional attendance rates...' Bet their lawyers would still wriggle out...

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A spanking idea, Michael, 'cept for one detail...if we should need to make collection calls on those who did not remit their do we manage that without any! ...Nice write... & a Good New York Morning to you! FRANK/FjR

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Make sure you inform them of your charges first so that when they attend they are deemed to be accepting the terms of your contract.. :) love it! t x

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Michael Shepherd 26 April 2007

You're getting this invaluable advice without charge by the way, it's a special offer to Poemhunter friends...

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David Taylor 26 April 2007

Can I charge you for this comment if you don't reply? Powerful Poetry?

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