Anthony And Cleopatra Poem by Marieta Maglas

Anthony And Cleopatra

Rating: 4.9

If Anthony hadn't loved
in that last second,
maybe he would have
and he would have won
the war within him,
but he had loved her

more than ever

exactly in that second
that had driven him

toward awareness.

Therefore, he fell to death,
whereupon Cleopatra
should live.
She should have been
his widow to suffer
the consequences
and to understand

what real love means,

because her affair of the heart
was too pathetic
to have control over

the destiny of history.

Poem by Marieta Maglas

Friday, July 17, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: suffering,war,history,love
Dr.subhendu Kar 25 July 2009

an ideal love that needs grace of love, myth of love redounds to history, quite ingenious write,10+++++, thanls for sharing

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Duh Huh 27 July 2009

Wow Mari you took history and brought it back to life. Interesting, original and thought provoking. Very well done and thank you for sharing your talent. :)

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Surya . 02 August 2009

really wonderful poem.they were required to live the history and hence the paradox.beautiful write. voted10 surya

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Nashy Lamen 04 August 2009

beautiful write.. history put in poetry... keep writing..

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Eyan Desir 04 August 2009

well written...............10s

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Dr. Antony Theodore 04 March 2021

her affair of the heart was too pathetic to have control over the destiny of history... Very good poem, the story and history of antony and cleo. tony

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Daniel Brick 27 July 2015

Your poem surely has a Shakespearean gravitas. In Shakespeare's play Antony abandons politics, honor (well, a militarist's view of honor) , and power to pass Cleopatra'a repeated tests of love. At one point, he admits she has taken him to the very heart of loss, but there he finds the heart of love too. After a century + of destructive warfare I believe we are ready to give this vision of love our advocacy, and not the vision of war and desolation.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 12 December 2009

Jilts and spurns indeed a cuisine for poet …here poet caught the theme and cooked nicely…thanks…. Ten+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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nomad omnia 28 November 2009

We never know - will this love be our last?

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Ivan Kodorkovski 20 November 2009

this is too good! ! such eloquent words! ..10

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Marieta Maglas

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