Anti Climax Poem by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

Anti Climax

Rating: 5.0

esspeecee …1996.

Is emancipation
A volatile option
Neo modernist?

Is renunciation
A phonation
Of consumerist?

Is surrender
A cloaked walk over
Of pseudo brave?

Is prayer
A time killer
To idle?

Is compassion
An obsession
Of neurotic?

Is religion
A frozen emotion
To eclectic?

Is purity
A non reality
To so called realistic?

Against the
In vogue current
Anti Climax ferments.

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Catrina Heart 15 August 2009

WOW! ! ! A unique style in poetry...what a form of question in such a few words would mean a lot..........a very much complex ideas which are very debatable..10+++

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A critical and compelling composition that is excellent expressed.10/10

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Surya . 15 September 2009

beautiful short lines in poem.conveys a lot. voted 10 surya

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Chitra - 04 September 2009

Paradox Personified through the stark facts of life

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Sarwar Chowdhury 31 August 2009

I loved the innovation here! In this pomo [postmodern] era, even being not a semiticion, readers can interpret many ways the text. Art deserves plurality in the meaning. 10+++

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Sathyanarayana M V S 19 August 2009

Great, great pieces of thought and wisdom. You remind me very much one of our Great Telugu writer Mullapudi Venkataramana, who once wrote: ' good and bad are not in seperate heaps. One who takes the opportunity to do something with brashness is called a bad man. The other, who sulks and dodges, remains as a good man' With best regards, sathya

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