Amnesia - 6 Poem by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

Amnesia - 6

Rating: 5.0


Natural Amnesia
Yields and builds
Huh Hush Sigh
By hoi polloi.

Clothed Amnesia
The drapet
Happy in being
Pseudo oblivious
Keeps in-built feeling
Sailing rowing rafting
Joyriding with
Not river in boat
But boat on river

Cloaking feeling
Zapping showing
Out side smearing
Attire of Amnesia.

With the feeling
Not in the feeling.

With the happening
Not in the happening.

With the grief
Not in the grief.

It is
The thumb rule
Golden rule
Trusted rule
Bottom line rule
Plunge in allness
Of Universe
With eternal Bliss.

Glory unto:
Cultured Amnesia
Nurtured Amnesia
Pampered Amnesia
Purported Amnesia
Engineered Amnesia
Self imposed Amnesia [SiA].

Tie, fly-high
With SiAmnesia! !

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Catrina Heart 02 October 2009

tied to the drifting lost memories........................Great composition as always about amnesia sir! ! ! well done..........

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Sarwar Chowdhury 01 October 2009

great inquisitive.......fine wording........distinct voice.........excellent! 10+

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Antonio Liao 28 September 2009

all is just a great dream of our lives......all will come to pieces of water... into a single beginning.... a point of a single mind of soul to exist...i do believe on what the heart feels...thank you for sharing and God bless a 10 +++++

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Saowaros Tewan 28 September 2009

this poem is like a lesson of philosophy. i had little knowledge about it. and get some new idea from ur poem..... i think amnesia is the most beloved topic of u, as now its the 6th amnesia and hope to read the 7th 8th 9th and.... of amnesia ST, , tha 10+++

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Nizamettin Esen Haymanali 28 September 2009

Maybe like amnesia, ignorance is also bliss. A deep and philosophical poem.10

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Rahul Sharma 23 February 2014

'Self imposed amnesia' i loved it sir! : -) me too seldom, used to fall into fathomless whirls of oblivion! !

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Wahab Abdul 02 June 2013

a lovely are a nice poet.. i love yr poems

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 October 2009

Enigmatic writings; yet very clear......Amnesia's so many manifestations.

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Anand Madhukar 05 October 2009

A good piece with a distinctive style.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 04 October 2009

It is The thumb rule Golden rule Trusted rule Bottom line rule To Plunge in allness Of Universe With eternal is lovely imagination and to be rulled by amenesia....master piece....10 read mine...dilemma...makes me bleed.... close the eys

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