‘amnesia’ (1) …. Poem by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

‘amnesia’ (1) ….

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‘AMNESIA’ [1]….

# Amnesia…
the morphia
for pain
and pleasure.

# Amnesia…
Where sorrows -

# Amnesia…
acid to
alkaline memory,
alkaline to
acidic hostility.

# Neutralization + Zeroing,
Multiplied by ad infinitum.

# Chemistry of
Amnesia, cleaves –
bonds of memory
dynamics of domination.

# Accelerates motion of memory –
to zero momentum.

the panacea,
the pension
to tension,
all reasons.

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sometime i use it as an escape.. many do.

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Akram Saqib 10 October 2009

a psychological problem discussed in poetic way

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Amnesia 1 actually is non-attachment or rationised attachment or prudent attachment. Medical Amnesia may not be applicable here. Very good metaphor. Enjoyed and hope to read again and again. Ten by all heart.

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Tai Chi Italy 23 September 2009

A very interesting selection of reasons why Amnesia, is essential to maintain a balanced, healthy and happy life Dr Sakti! I thoroughly enjoyed your words, but whether I will remember them, is for my mind to decide somewhere along the line of my time. We cannot be expected to remember all we hear, see, feel and encounter in our lives, we would burn out or worse! fade away, but we are influenced to varying degrees by all we encounter in life. Smiling at you Tai

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Ravi A 21 September 2009

The last lines really tell the story. Yes, this is a pathetic situation. Let us pray that nobody becomes a victim of this dreadful disease. My view about the memory code is this. Every person carries with him a micro chip that is called 'Smrithi' with him. This micro chip is an encoding of the entire Prakrithi (Nature) in a subtle manner. When we see a thing, hear a thing etc., actually we are trying to understand it by trying to match it with a similar encoding in Smrithi. We compare and then understand the thing. Our consciousness tries to match the input signal with a similar encoding that is available within the micro chip of Smrithi. When the linkage between the sensory input and the micro chip is lost, Amnesia is set in. This is my view. Why the micro chip is after all needed? We are all part of this Prakrithi and naturally we would have all the information available within us in the form of this micro chip. Smrithi is also the store house of all the information of the entire civilization that has been passed on to an individual via genes. This means that this entire gross Prakrithi and the entire era of all the civilizations are available within this micro chip that is called Smrithi. Actually, when we are looking at this external world, this external Prakrithi, we are actually understanding it only by invoking similar files from the Smrithi micro chip. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling etc are only sensory areas whereas the real feedback comes from this Smrithi micro chip. When the linkage is lost, Amnesia sets it. As a doctor you can easily understand this or enlighten further in this matter.

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Dr.subhendu Kar 16 May 2012

beautiful write by phenomena of chemistry, thanks for sharing

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C. P. Sharma 16 March 2012

A beautifully crafted poem by you, dear. It's like sleep as Shakespeare says, ... sore labour's bath, Balm of hurt minds, great Nature's second course, Chief nourisher in life's feast.

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Mark Nwagwu 11 December 2009

once alkaline, then acid, reduced to neutral, acid+base, that is. No more tension only pension, amnesia, when all is lost and won.

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Wali Jamali 12 November 2009

Sir, your poem is nicely penned down. I have really found it much akin to our own sensitivities.Especially the following lines.................. # Amnesia… the morphia for pain and pleasure. # Amnesia… Where sorrows - surrender, ecstasies quiver.

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Rajaram Ramachandran 31 October 2009

The whole body concept is chemical compound. There are acid, alkaline, chemicals phospate, iron, magnesium, and so on. Electricity is generated within the body like a battery. It works like a factory. The poet has made a good analysis, both chemical and physical.

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